Teamsters Rx Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Teamsters Rx? Well then you have come to the right place. Please browse our questions and answers, hopefully you will find the answers you need. If you have questions specific to your pharmacy benefits then login via our home page or call our staff at (866)888-0103.

  • What is Teamsters Rx?
  • Teamsters Rx is a coalition of Union Health and Welfare Funds combining their strength in numbers to provide affordable pharmacy benefits to their members.

    • Is Teamsters Rx a national program?

    The Teamsters Rx card is recognized in retail pharmacies throughout the United States (excluding Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club pharmacies).

    • Does Teamsters Rx have a mail-order program?

    Yes, Teamsters Rx employs Medco mail-order pharmacies

    • Does Teamsters Rx have specialty pharmacy?

    Yes, Teamsters Rx employs Accredo Specialty a division of Medco

    • Does Teamsters Rx have different benefit programs?

    Yes, your pharmacy benefit is designed by your Health and Welfare Fund

    • How can I become a member of Teamsters Rx?

    Contact your Health and Welfare Fund and ask them to contact Teamsters Rx